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This is the same concept your body utilizes to regulate excess heat by using sweat to pull heat away from your skin.

In your engine, the injected water cools the air and makes it denser (a greater amount of oxygen in a given space).

We didn’t get a chance to try the water injection on our engine, but we can tell you that it does work.

Bob and Terry Woods at the Supercharger Store currently have a Pro Charger D1SC blower on a 318ci Mopar engine that has made 663 hp at 6,000 rpm with 91-octane pump gas and water injection at 16 psi and 30 degrees of total timing.

Instead, the small amount of injected water reduces the peak cylinder pressures that contribute to detonation.

The one-two punch of heat and added cylinder pressure makes it very difficult for pump gas to control detonation.

One solution is to inject a measured amount of water into the inlet system when the engine is under boost. The simple side of this concept is that during the conversion of a liquid to a gas, heat is absorbed, which lowers the inlet air temperature.

Our test is still valid since there’s no difference between an iron and an aluminum 5.3L. That made the sacrifices a little easier to take, don’t you think?

The Pro Charger LSx Serpentine System We obtained our Pro Charger system through our pals at The Supercharger Store, and the kit includes a system that relocates the alternator and power steering pump to create enough room for the supercharger.

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