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go to kitchen drink go upstairs enter bedroom "join me on here" away you go Incredible game even if it was never finished.

Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value.

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My name is Erica" and there is nowhere for me to reply. Buy the boardgame give gift watch tv nuzzle neck go upstairs go in the study suggest playing board game 3 let`s just play later going out buy alcohol have a drink go back upstairs go in the study playing board game 1 for every question i get right 3 mars 2 mount olympus 1 canada wow!

The java scripts seem to work a lot better when the game is on your system, than when you are running it "on the fly" from the web-site.

Outside of this, I found the game to be entertaining but short. ;) Had hoped for more "options" in each room, has seen vdg games with more posibilities..

Graphics was superb as far as the pictures go with a point and click interface. But still a pretty nice game, as vdg games always are off the scale! Good and stunning graphics though, so thumbs up for that!

After waiting for the Ie version for ages i was very disappointed when no mater what you do or where you go you cant get any where in the game.

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