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"In about 20 percent of relationship homicides," explains Storm, "the killing itself was the first act of violence." In many such cases, she adds, the man uses emotional blackmail to keep a woman with him, and as long as that works, he doesn't need to resort to physical force.

"But if crying, playing on her guilt, or threats fail," says Storm, "he may lash out from fear and loss of control."That swift, out-of-the-blue violence can be extremely difficult to predict, according to Laura Dugan, Ph D, associate professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of Maryland.

Emily was outgoing and passionate, known around campus not only for her political activism but also for the funky glasses she sometimes wore and the 1997 Ford that she decorated inside with Bob Dylan lyrics.

She was devoted to causes like Amnesty International and Free the Children.

"The fact she went alone seems like she wasn't afraid. I never saw him really angry, period."In the aftermath of the murder, local women's groups offered students counseling on violent relationships…

but if Kevin had physically abused Emily, she'd told no one.

Both were well-liked, with a wide circle of mutual friends.

"Emily hung a poster of a lethal-injection table she got at an anti–death penalty rally."Guys had crushes on her, but Emily usually didn't take it too seriously.The two had broken up three weeks earlier, agreeing to remain friends.When Rejection Triggers Rage The news seemed incredible.\n Maggie Mulderrig remembers looking around the packed auditorium this past April, mentally checking off which of her friends were there.Students had gathered at the request of the president of Gettysburg College, in Pennsylvania, to hear a disturbing announcement: One student had brutally killed another, but police still had not released the names.

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