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Megan died the following day, three weeks before what would have been her 14th birthday.

Many cyberbullying articles were written on what was revealed to be another cruel prank tuned into one of the most tragic suicide stories.

Unfortunately, without cyberbullying examples it’s hard to understand exactly what cyberbullying is and how a cyberbully acts.

This why it is essential to share recent cyberbullying cases with the world.

One year later, the case began receiving national attention.

While the county prosecutor declined to file any criminal charges in the case, federal prosecuted charged her with one count of conspiracy and three violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for accessing protected computers without authorization.

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However, bullying is no longer a problem that is isolated to the playgrounds, hallways and lunch rooms of schools.In February 2003, a fight between Ryan and the bully not only ended the harassment at school, but led to a supposed friendship.However, after Ryan shared an embarrassing personal story, the newly found friend returned to being a bully and used the information to start a rumour that Ryan was gay.The two began communicating online regularly, although they never met in person or spoke on the phone.“Megan had a lifelong struggle with weight and self-esteem,” Tina said on the Foundation website.

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