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Far more women indicate they are interested in a serious relationship (31.9% of women vs 9.7% of men).

On the flip, men dominate in their interest in "no strings attached" relationships; 51.7% of men list this as an interest compared to only 26.6% of women.

So how does easy access to casual hook ups affect the people involved?

The contest starts on March 31, 2014: Sexy.couple near waxahahie looking for female playmate( 27-47) for this evening. Whether it's you alone, you with your partner, or you with many partners – give us your best shot and you can win! So sign up for free today for your chance to win a FREE Gold Membership! As a precaution, we've closed your login session. Forget the pouty lips and flexed's time to embrace the less serious side of sex and show us your funny bone(r)! Celebrate the silliness by entering the April Fools Contest for your chance to win a FREE Gold Membership on Adult Friend Finder. In the middle space of commitment, there is an option to look for "friends with benefits", a longer term, though non-committed relationship.This option was more popular among women (20%) than men (14.2%) None of these results are to say that the casual sex people are looking for on Adult Friend Finder is bad or that people will be disappointed with the experience.

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