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Pettyfer wrapped his arms around his ladylove and kept her warm while she looked hippie chic in a gray crop top and printed skirt.The two cuddled in close together as Horst puffed on a cigarette and cozied up to her man.In the past, Alex has dated Emma Roberts — he has an ER tattoo inside interlocking hearts on his right wrist — and 's Dianna Agron. Along with his ER inking, Alex's body art includes a Celtic cross on his chest, Tibetan script on his right arm, 'What Goes Around Come Around' on his shoulder, and Katakana script on his lower waist. "This weird-looking guy in the lift said to me, 'You're quite good-looking; you should model for me," he recalled in an interview in 2008.Most recently, he has been romantically linked to actress Riley Keough, Elvis Presley's granddaughter. It wasn't until he appeared in a Ralph Lauren campaign that he realised just who had discovered him. He found it hard transforming into his bald and tattooed character Kyle Kingston for .Coming towards his relationships and matrimonial life, he recently got engaged to Marloes Horst in the year 2016.According to some of the news it has been reported that this handsome and popular British star is presently setting the things up with the model Marloes Horst.He acted in both television and movies and eventually started acting in various Hollywood projects.

It is 2017 and Alex and Marloes are going stronger more than ever.

Both of them have realized each other’s importance and now they probably love each other more than before.

Marloes Horst: The handsome hunk from the United Kingdom is having a great time in Hollywood it seems.

"I had to shave all of my goldilocks, which was one of the hardest things for me mentally," he admitted in 2009.

"And then physically I put in about 12 to 15 pounds, because I'm actually quite a skinny guy." 5.

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