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(10) In response to the FLN, leading civil servant Maurice Papon was brought over from Algeria to police Paris in March 1958, which resulted in a deepening of repression designed to intimidate all Algerians into submission.Papon brought over Algerians () from Algeria to fight with the FLN alongside the Paris police.Accordingly, in the 1920s, state agencies were established to politically control and police Algerians, often through the pretence of paternalistic welfare measures to combat the growing threat from Algerian nationalism in particular.(3) Indeed, the first fully structured Algerian nationalist movement, the (North African star) was founded in Paris in 1926.This post-1947 migration that Sayad calls the 'second stage' was not only quantitatively significant - by 1956 there were 300,000 Algerians in France - but qualitatively different.First, the Kabyle-Berbers, who had long dominated Algerian migration, were increasingly replaced by Arab migrants whose networks in France were much less well established.The migration of colonised Arab-Berbers from Algeria to mainland France was the earliest and the most extensive of all colonial migrations to Western Europe before the 1960s.

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√Čtienne, Lille and the industrial east around Strasbourg in addition to Paris and its suburbs.Described by the sociologist Abdelmalek Sayad as the 'first stage' of Algerian migration to France, (6) and organised by tightly controlled networks, emigration during this period was largely temporary and provided vital economic support to the impoverished village communities in Algeria.Algerians in France had to save every to send home to their families, necessitating high levels of economic self-sacrifice.Algeria was France's major settler colony: migration there from mainland France, Italy, Spain and Malta involved a policy of land expropriation of the indigenous population that slowly wore down the traditional economic, social and cultural structures of the Algerian peasantry, and existing patterns of labour migration within Algeria were extended to mainland France.(1) Prior to Algerian independence from France in 1962, Algerian migrants were not leaving one country to enter another, since they were French nationals.

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