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ou’ve gotta give credit to Amanda Bynes for keeping it real.While other young actresses are out there trying to prove their worth in several different mediums (getting coked up and arrested along the way), Amanda’s perfectly content with doing what she does best.On a personal note, though the film reinforces sorority stereotypes, judging from my college experience at a big Southern state school, the movie nails some of the personalities perfectly.Then again, all sororities are different, so don't let this movie entirely influence your opinion if you're considering sorority life.Overall, it's a cute film with occasional hilarity (plus a great soundtrack!), and the added features on the DVD make it a worthy addition to any fan's collection. Don’t worry, Sydney isn’t actually poisoned by a piece of fruit – her Macbook is hacked.

In August 2008, the former teen star parted ways with her talent agency CAA and began making the rounds at several others that were vying to represent the actress.

The extra features offer plenty of cast interviews— including a session with frat boy hunk, Tyler Prince (played by Matt Long).

The plot reinterprets Snow White on a college campus and adds plenty of spice by using sorority life as a backdrop.

A legacy in the Kappa Phi Nu house, president Rachel Witchburn (Sara Paxton) is forced to allow Sidney the chance to rush, but when she begins dating Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, campus stud Tyler Prince (Matt Long), Sydney is denied membership and kicked out onto the curb.

Lucky for her, Sydney is offered a room at The Vortex – a rundown house located on Greek Row where seven dorky outcasts live – but when the house is condemned by Rachel in order to break ground on a Greek-only student center, Sydney convinces her new roommates to take a stand against the evil witch and run for student council.

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