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In this case, archaeologists connect the stream of time to the evolution of culture and human behaviour. Furthermore, this concept deems time to be unable to go back to the past, and that time passes at a constant speed in the past, present, and future, which is based on the Newtonian concept of time that is successive and irreversible and linear in pattern of procession. Dating methods is the area that attempts to establish a chronological sequence through various methods including relative comparisons, scientific analysis and level of accuracy. This paper will introduce absolute dating based on the scientific research methodology of Korean archaeology, including its principle, history and achievements. There are hopes for the establishment of a thermoremanent magnetisation curve on the Korean Peninsula in the near future. As comparing and connecting tree-ring growth patterns between wooden materials including the signboard of Sungnyemun Gate and building materials of Geukrakjeon, Bongjeong Temple, the standard date curve of pine trees on the Korean Peninsula may be established up to 1,200 A. Chronology of soil Wedges in Korean Palaeosoil established by OSL dating technique.

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In this context, the cultural and art historical importance and its associated monetary value have fuelled the row regarding when the object was manufactured and in what way the year of the piece’s production could be scientifically confirmed.

The second definition is related to the research methods of archaeologists. Evaluation of the absolute date of the past human skeletons. The Able site Kapyong, Korea, Asian Perspective Vol.

Considering that the definition of time is based on its continuousness, chronological classification could yield several different results, from which archaeologists could select those in accordance with their research methods and contexts. In the 33rd Conference of the Korean Archaeological Society, 530-537.

The Single Aliquot Regenerative Dose Method is a technique that obtains a palaeodose through repeated measurement to a single aliquot.

This provides a number of palaeodose values with a small number of samples.

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