Are james lafferty and shantel vansanten dating

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And so if they wanted to do an eighth season, I’d be there. [Creator] Mark Schwahn has done such a good job of revamping the show time and time again, keeping it relevant and keeping the audience watching.

And if there were more stories to tell, it’s always a possibility.

But the new Scott house set was so massive when it was being built that it actually took up the entire stage, basically.

JL: It’s actually been great – all the new faces on the show have really fit in and they’re really prepared and really, really dedicated.

Shantel and Rob have brought a different energy to the show and their commitment to the characters and their work ethic is outstanding.

JJ: You and Rob seem like you would get along really well off-set – do you hang out together? It’s cool – it’s kind of funny, because all the new characters on the show had been sort of trying to tie up all the loose ends of their lives before they got to Wilmington, so whether it’s getting rid of apartments or packing things up and bringing them out here, everybody’s been reading and kicking back a lot.

But I’d say that Rob and I are good friends now and it’s a cool dynamic to have someone who has a lot of common interests, so we play a lot of video games and read a lot of graphic novels and just kind of hang out. JL: We’ve been on a UFC kick for a while – there’s a UFC fighting video game that’s got us pretty addicted.

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