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Or you look to the future and practically squeeze your eyes shut and cross your fingers and toes that they’ll realise the potential you’ve envisioned for them and the relationship.These thoughts and images rattle around in your head trapping you in indecision and when you think about leaving you’re seized by that perennial fear that could keep you awake at night and even worse, caught in a bad romance – What if they become a better person in a better relationship?

If you stay in a relationship, it’s because you’re both co-pilots working on a joint agenda.In order to truly be emotionally available, honest, and authentic, you must be able to admit when you make mistakes and errors in judgement, or where something isn’t working for you because if you don’t, the mistake, error in judgement, and it not working actually get bigger and create more pain.They rob you of better opportunities, personal growth and to ultimately feel something beyond disappointment and guarded hope.This isn’t as good as it gets and they’re not your last chance saloon.By treating them like they’re your ‘property’ and that you own the right to their progression or their stagnation, you actually erode your confidence making it even harder to do what’s right for you, this relationship and them.

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