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That's well up from previous generations, including 32.1 per cent in 1991 and 26.9 per cent in 1981.

"My hunch is that the 2016 census will show a continuation of these trends," Guelph University associate professor Sean Lyons said.

A law career wasn't a good fit, Post decided, and now she's seeking a job in digital media or marketing but there aren't many opportunities where she lives.

Even living at home, she said it's been hard to save for a move to a bigger city after she was laid off from a baking job in March.

Post spends her days on her laptop, sending resumes and refreshing Linked In and other job sites.

After moving out of the house at 18 to pursue two degrees, she moved back in with her mother at 24 to tackle ,000 in student debt. 1 motivation was financial, to get myself ahead," she said in an interview.

At first she didn't want to talk about it with friends, but now she says she's more comfortable with her decision, and has paid off more than half of her debt.

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