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If you are a novice, try to get a more seasoned friend to go with you on your first visit to help evaluate price, condition, and probability of finding similar items from other sources.A sad note: As of some time in early 2002, Montgomery Scrap stopped allowing public browsing.More information is available on a member's web page HERE and the association's new page HERE.

Blacksmiths, potential blacksmiths, or individuals interested in blacksmithing are welcome to visit any meeting.

Textbook available at the Rockville Campus Bookstore. Catonsville Community College The Community College of Baltimore County--Catonsville Campus offers a number of courses in machining and related subjects, taught through their Computer-Automated Manufacturing program.

The Community College of Baltimore County Catonsville Campus 800 South Rolling Road, Baltimore, MD 21228 410-455-6050 TTY 410-455-4163 Typical courses have CAMM xxxx designations. Associate's degree and Certificate programs are available.

They also maintain a lending library of books and video tapes for members. Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Association - This club collects, restores, and displays antique industrial and agricultural machinery.

This is a very active club with a permanent facility located just north of Easton, MD where they house the exhibits and host an annual show.

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