Canadain ido is dwight dating tara carbon dating experiment

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Last year, an investigation was done by our homie Robert Littal of Black Sports Online about Lakers center/forward Dwight Howard and his many alleged babies and babies' mamas.Yes, way more than just former "Basketball Wives" star Royce Reed.cuz 4real 4real, these people are a bunch of damn strangers who mean ABSOLUTELY nothing one way or the focusing on what you said, maybe these women SHOULD look in the mirror cuz that's where the problem is. IDK but none the less shit's sad (4 them) & the worse part of it ALL these black women on here CALL themselves "Christians." WTF??? And white women don't see these mix breed baby as one of them Lets just be real here, and i aint saying all white women are that way.Not one that wear blonde wigs and care about material shit all the time.That why i wish i had a time machine sista tori, so i can go to the 70's so i can get one of them NATURAL BLACK WOMEN.Now white women are pulling this type of shit off smdh.........

Just because i point out the things black women do don't make me self hating IIGHT.I'm glad the chick has her OWN business unlike so many other BM in the industry sittin aroun collectin CHILD SUPPORT checks or lookin for 15mins of "FAME!" Not that THIS SITE knows anything since it's subpar at best... but I know she IS NOT MAD the blogs have finally caught up to her white ass.The bible thumping, devout Christian with a wholesome "I believe in loyalty" image (so he tries to make us to believe) Dwight Howard has fathered this cutie patootie pictured above named Jayde?Here's the deal: Last March, BSO reported that goody goody Dwight actually has up to five children by five different mothers, most are a secret. This brings us to the picture above that Hope posted to Instagram yesterday. If we didn't know any better--and we pretty good with our skills of being nosy--we'd think that was Dwight Howard in that photo....chillin' with Jayde as a newborn.

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