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Unexpectedly, all 16 samples submitted for measurement contained C-14.We found measurable amounts of C in all 14 of our dinosaur and other fossils.We conclude that fossils and other carbonaceous materials found throughout Phanerozoic strata contain measurable amounts of radiocarbon that is most probably endogenous.Thomas and Nelson began by predicting radiocarbon in dinosaur bone based on long-standing published reports of measurable radiocarbon in coal, diamonds, and other materials assumed by evolutionary geologists to be millions of years old.The CRS project is entirely funded by private donations.7/30/15: In the August issue of ICR’s Acts & Facts Magazine, Brian Thomas writes about how he and Nelson guarded against contamination of the samples they tested.No such trend was found; moreover, the dates obtained were consistent with an earlier published result from a fossil 3,000 feet below the surface, well below the water table.

It was not the goal of the project to date the specimens, but just to see if any radiocarbon remained.They gathered 16 samples from 14 fossil specimens of fish, wood, plants, and animals from throughout the geologic column, Miocene to Permian, from all three eras: Cenozoic, Mesozoic and Paleozoic.Samples came from a variety of locales around the globe, including Canada, Germany and Australia. All samples were prepared by standard processes to eliminate contamination, then were submitted to a lab for atomic mass spectrometry (AMS).They also considered whether groundwater might have leached carbon-14 into the samples.If so, one would expect samples from drier conditions to differ from those in wetter locales, or portions taken from the interior of a bone to differ from those closer to the exterior.

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