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The original picture has since been deleted from her social media accounts, but thanks to the power of the internet – well, nothing ever really goes away.

Chantel originally shared this picture of herself during what appears to be a school picture day, from her childhood.

Happy for you, she seems nice, if not a little flirty.” 'And then, both you guys know what it’s like when we work on The Project, after a while - yeah we started out as comics, but eventually we become harder news people.

And I thought, I have to go to the source.'Tommy joked that Russel was saying it in a way that suggested he couldn't believe how Tommy managed to get a girl like Chantal, the radio host responded: 'Mate, I’ve met your gorgeous wife, as if you’re not batting above your average!

'Meshel pushed Tommy to call Chantal so she could ask her how Tommy compares to The Bachelor, Blake Garvey, but Tommy refused saying he had to speak with Ash Williams, only to be told he wasn't answering his phone.

While the pair both attended Derby Day at Flemington Racecourse during the Spring Carnival and Chantal and Sam Frost were spotted chatting to the media personality, it's understood they couple have actually been seeing each other for a little while before that meeting.

But his date was more gussied up with a silk tank top, black slacks and snake print boots.

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All he really has to do is post a picture or two on social media.

It could be of the most abstract thing, but either way – it gets his fans talking.

The “Love Yourself,” singer got his fans speculating on what was currently happening in his love life, thanks to a picture posted on his newly activated Instagram account. There’s nothing too scandalous about that, but Beliebers were quick to notice that the picture shared by Justin is actually a throwback picture of his ex – Chantel Jeffries.

“She is a ball of energy,” Womack says of the Seattle-based executive assistant who slapped him across the face during their first meeting on the show’s premiere. “It came from a very fun place, not an aggressive place,” Womack says.

Jonathan Cheban, 43, has been single since a 2016 split from Anat Popovsky.

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