Chloe sevigny dating vincent gallo

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As unsympathetic as her characters ought to be, though, damned if the writer-director doesn't manage to hit on some emotional truths nonetheless.

The Bigger Picture: Somewhere opens with a car driving around in circles: a metaphor for what is to come, yes, but also a reminder of the similar opening scene in Vincent Gallo's The Brown Bunny, which likewise meanders around before making its points about loneliness.

She says, "I'm more self-aware now and wouldn't be able to be as free, so why even do it (bare all)?

" And she has already clashed with directors on the set of her hit TV drama Big Love.

"And although I have done nudity on the show, the other girls won't do topless.

I don't want to be the show's Samantha, like on Sex & The City - the only woman who'll do nudity.

In a dramatic statement, the actress bared her, erm, thoughts about her infamous b.j scene in Vincent Gallo’s Brown Bunny, saying, “There are a lot of emotions. I’m sad that people think one way of the movie, but what can you do?

” If we performed a real-life sex act on screen we’d probably have to go to rehab, not therapy, because it would take a lot more than “art” to go ahead with the scene.

It's been a dismal year for comedy.which makes now a perfect time to catch up on old shows that keep the giggles coming.

"So I refused to do any more and there was a lot of back-and-forth about it." » Review in a Hurry: Sofia Coppola gives us yet another movie about rich people lounging around opulent surroundings while feeling empty inside.

This time, it's Stephen Dorff as movie star Johnny Marco, staying mostly in Hollywood's famed Chateau Marmont.

"Chloe brilliantly understood that the media would persist in thinking that she did it out of loyalty to me...

I am sorry she feels the experience was so startling that she needs therapy to resolve her feelings." » If we were Chloe Sevigny, we’d totally be embarrassed for running our mouths off. The film is tragic and beautiful, and I’m proud of it and my performance.

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