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He was the deputy sheriff in San Obispo, he was used to sorting out the bad guys. And he always told me I would be the best in the world.” “He definitely passed on a lot of his principles to me.

In my way, I try and pass them on too to my kids, and to other fighters.

As I said, having met ‘The Iceman’ away from the Octagon on several occasions, and indeed once when I was locked into it in the TUF gym in Las Vegas (and it really was no fun looking into his eyes then, even though it was just a staged press visit), I have always found him the same - mellow, the quiet hard man whom you’d mess with at your peril.

“Perhaps get judges into the classroom and get them to talk through a fight they have judged and why they saw it that way. “I love the sport and I’m excited to go into a new stage in my life and keep promoting something that I love,” Liddell said.

I think it could lead to better decisions from judges, because MMA is a complex sport to judge if you are from a different background, if you are not rounded. “I’ve enjoyed everything about being a professional athlete and a UFC champion. However, Liddell’s main focus would be on developing new business for the company.

Are these the changes the sport is going to have to make ? “I’d like to sit with a few judges at close fights, watch the fight with them, and then ask them why they gave the round to one guy or the other.

“The regulations are fine, but when they catch people doing things wrong, the penalties are hard. I think we need to get them into as classroom, review fights, go through the scoring, discuss the why and the what of details in fights. If they do it well, give them more responsibility.” So, to pastures new.

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