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Kelsie and Lexi Aziz are the sisters behind the blog Pizza and Champagne.Disclaimer: they do not claim to be dating experts -- just eating and drinking experts.Everyone loves happy hour with your girls, or guys' night out, but approaching large groups of friends can be a little intimidating.Make yourself more approachable and pop into a nearby restaurant or bar for a post-work drink.That drink (or two) will give you the liquid courage you need to introduce yourself to new faces.For better or worse, Dallas is now pegged as a place where the “Charity World” matters (major side-eye to you, Bravo).Stick around after the winners have been crowned and you can debate that one answer you SWEAR you knew over drinks with an opposing team.

If you don't meet someone in your class, you'll definitely feel more at-ease approaching someone new while you're out.

Sure, sometimes it's nice to enjoy a little alone time and not be bothered, but would it be so bad for the cute lawyer down the bar to offer some convo?

If you need some inspiration for where to hang alone and not feel totally awkward -- this list may help.

It's so easy to get into a rut of going to the same spots and seeing the same people.

While your favorite 'hoods are your favorites for a reason, you could be missing out on a whole crop of new places and faces.

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