Dating arab women waxed

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Just because we met doesn’t mean we have to get married. We get the social pressures on you to be a “good wife and mother”, but you need to chill. The fact that we went out on a few dates or I told you I like you is most definitely NOT a marriage proposal.

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This applies to nearly all situations, but especially – and most dramatically – when it comes to wedding proposals. And remember: If you want to act all Westernized and shit, sex is part of the package. If you’re not planning on having sex with a guy, don’t play the game. Don’t pretend to be a player when you’re just a spectator. I get fashion and all that, but when I walk into a place and almost 90% of the women there are wearing leather boots, jeans and black tops, I’ll kind of brush you all off for the sake of someone who looks different. He doesn’t believe in moderation (it’s for cowards) and thinks the world will explode pretty soon. Like everyone in the country post Jan25, he is just another Egyptian who claims – emphasis on claims – to understand politics.

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