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For more details, read about CD withdrawal penalties.

Liquid CDs: some CDs allow you to pull funds out before maturity – without any penalty.

However, you might not earn the same rate that you were earning on the banks use lower renewal rates (to take advantage of laziness and busy people, perhaps), so this might not be your best option.

You’ve got options: the most important thing to know is that you have options.

You can (among other options): The best thing to do is to evaluate your financial situation and your goals, and decide accordingly.

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Over the period, we have got tons of emails from aspirants who have cleared the CDS 1 2017 written exam for OTA.On your statements (online or on paper), you might see the date that you purchased the CD or the date that the CD comes due.If you’re not sure how much longer you’ve got, just ask your bank.A CD’s maturity date is the date when you can take your money out of the CD without paying any early withdrawal penalties.The CD’s term has ended, so the restrictions are lifted – but you’ll no longer earn the same amount of interest that you earning on that money (which might be a good or bad thing, depending on what rates have done since you bought the CD).

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