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(And that’s not a loaded question; you can certainly decide for plenty of legitimate reasons that you do.) But if you decide that you do, then yeah, I’d avoid hanging out with your male coworker socially, unless you’re prepared to potentially lose your job over it.(In addition to facing dismissal for fraternizing with a man, you also should not appear unescorted in public or dress immodestly.Thereafter they will refrain from making decisions within the organization that are designed specifically to benefit or harm the other individual in the relationship.This policy shall not be construed to mean that either party to the relationship will necessarily be required to forfeit his or her membership status or position within the organization.I carpool with a male coworker, and he and I have become friends.He would like to hang out and possibly go to the movies and such things together.A member of the university community is considered to have direct professional power or direct authority over another individual when he or she is in the position to do any of the following: When a romantic or sexual relationship exists, both parties involved may be subject to disciplinary action.

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Consensual relationships existing between individuals — neither of whom has direct professional influence or authority over the other — are not prohibited by this policy.

If indeed that’s how your company does it, that’s sex discrimination and is illegal.

(Or at least it’s illegal if your company is big enough to be covered by federal discrimination statutes — meaning that it has 15 or more employees.) As for the question of whether they need reasonable suspicion, employers don’t generally need “proof” before taking disciplinary action against employees in matter, but because the issue of romantic relations is a sticky one, I turned to employment attorney Bryan Cavanaugh to weigh in.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas' mission is to promote the personal and academic development of students.

This mission is promoted by professionalism in relationships between members of the university community.

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