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In the time others might spend pursuing a relationship, I created a successful enterprise.I tried some popular dating sites, but to little success.Sometimes, I might call an “Escort Service” from the yellow pages, and if I was lucky, the person I met was halfway close to what was described. More often than not, I’d end up wasting an evening.It was all so sketchy: Most ads didn’t include pictures, so I had to rely on written descriptions.When a potential new client sought an appointment, that client had to provide some bona fides, usually favorable comments from another woman he had visited. For the clients, the ratings system meant the risk of a bad experience was reduced.made sex work safer for both the providers and clients.When I had a birthday, she had a special party for me, and when I had a spare ticket for a trip to Asia, I flew her to Bangkok.It wasn’t to last forever, though, as she again retired. But it wasn’t until 2009 that I came across another woman — not from an ad, but from one of her bulletin board postings.

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Sometimes Fae would have plans for later in the day, but I’d never be rushed out.

(The dates were about 0-0/hour back then.) Once, when I was waiting for call back from a woman I’d seen before, the phone rang.

I picked up to hear the voice of a woman who sounded a lot like her -- but turned out to be my sister calling from a pay phone. Fortunately I figured this out before I busted myself, but it was a very awkward start to a conversation. Even if I made arrangements, there was no guarantee of action. They went into appointments blindly, always unsure who was on the other end of the line. The first site I used was, back in 1998, when I came across an ad for a woman who struck my fancy.

In 2004, I discovered a site where there were not only advertisements, but reviews of ladies, and discussion forums.

At, the women who did sex work could communicate with each other, and as a result, a system of references developed.

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