Dating impotent man

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They couldn't possibly know how inadequate I felt." Bernard Zilbergeld, American psychologist and author of Men and Sex (Harper Collins) says that a total loss of self-esteem is par for the course for impotence sufferers."Nothing equals the devastation wrought by the lack of an erection at the right time.Contrary to popular belief, low testosterone is only a minor factor, accounting for only 3 per cent of cases.It is the social consequences of impotence that most alarm Dr Hackett.Even allowing for the fact that half of the 26 per cent group experience only "social erectile dysfunction" - minor one-off incidents - these figures come as a shock.They undermine the locker-room "up-all-night" myth of male sexuality.Dr Hackett goes further, arguing that the unseen, unrecorded costs of ED include an inability to concentrate at work and marital breakdown. But it is all failure." At the end he adds: "My wife is also having difficulties getting an orgasm.

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So the old man puts his left hand on his penis and his right hand on the radio, at which point his wife looks over and says: "He said he was going to heal the sick, not raise the dead."Jokes and stifled sniggers are the usual response to the subject of impotence.

"The problem is compounded because too few GPs take impotence seriously, tending to disregard it as a mysterious psychological problem or as part of the natural ageing process." But although the incidence of impotence increases with age, it is not only old men who suffer.

And neither is it primarily a psychological problem.

A chance of getting back together but only if I can become a lover again. Please help." Another letter from a 33-year-old states: "I have been married four years and have a daughter of two. Pfizer has announced that it is testing an impotence pill - code-named UK-92 480 - at several centres in Britain, but development is at an early stage.

Upjohn's product, Caverject, released on to the market last year, contains prostaglandin E1 which when injected into a flaccid penis (£9.75 a jab), dilates the blood vessels and can give an impotent man an erection for up to 90 minutes.

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