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And of Princess Polyxena; after her generous donation of the wax statue died peacefully aged 86.

At first the little statue was kept in the Monastery Oratory for private devotion by the Carmelite community but then the Prior decided to bring the small wax figure of the child Jesus into the large church that served the parish of Mala Strana.

Through Jesus Christ, Son of the Father and “firstborn of all creation”, we live in union with God and with our neighbours in a new way.

And so, we share in the mission of the Incarnate Word in this world, and we form the Church, which is in Christ “as a sacrament - a sign and instrument of communion with God, and of the unity of the whole human race.”St. We take our honour and devotion to the Child Jesus directly from Sacred Scripture itself.

Polyxena kept the statue in the royal family chapel of Prague Castle in Hradcany but as old age came upon her and after becoming widowed a second time she decided in thanks for all of God’s benefits given during her lifetime to bestow the divine child as a gift to the people of Prague with the name .

In 1628 wrapped in a tiny white blanket the wax figure entered the Carmelite Monastery Church of Our lady of Victories in Mala Strana (the little / lesser quarter of Prague) and Polyxena handed him over to the Prior with the words The little Prague dweller had found a permanent home in the oratory and throughout periods of unrest across Europe and Bohemia there would always be a beacon of hope emanating from His sanctuary.

In the Gospels we are reminded of the Nativity, the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem and how in St.

Luke’s Gospel chapter 2: 8 – 20: the shepherds were informed on the hillside by an angel “And there is one more significant event recorded in the Gospel of Luke 2: 21 – 35: The Presentation of the Child Jesus in the temple which is the rite of the Consecration of the first born when it was left to Simeon the custodian of the temple to recognise at that original sacred altar without any prompting that he was in the presence of the Saviour of the world.

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The priest who readily admitted to being a close follower of Carmelite spirituality would travel on retreat each year back to his beloved Spain and each time bring back a small porcelain piece of the nativity scene and over the years his personal collection became complete and he would have it permanently on display in the presbytery for guests and visitors to see and the important feature was that the Infant Jesus was there on display each day and everyday as a reminder of His Incarnation.Invasion by a succession of different mercenary armies was further followed by the great plague of Prague that tightened its hold and the city became a wasteland of further suffering, disease and mortality.Throughout all of these desolate years the Church of Our Lady of Victories’ Mass attendance dwindled to nothing and the once ornate Church eventually fell into a sad ruin and the “little Prague dweller” lay forgotten and hidden under the rubbish and rubble that had fallen behind the altar.The local people came first to offer their prayers of intercession for themselves, their families and friends and these pleas to the small smiling child were answered.Reports of the deaf and blind having their hearing and sight restored spread as in the Gospel accounts and the citizens of Prague and the Kingdom of Bohemia flocked to Our Lady of Victories.

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