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(4) There is some variation in this by country, but not a lot. One of the most difficult things to do when you have ADHD is apply yourself to tasks that are mundane, boring and repetitive. The resulting pattern is that women with under-managed or unmanaged ADHD (i.e.

not effectively treated) spend a lot of relatively inefficient time on tasks with few results.

No matter who has it, ADHD usually brings with it poor organizational skills; difficulty initiating or completely tasks; trouble remembering what needs to be done; and an easy/constant distraction that often results in things not getting finished or, sometimes, even tackled in the first place.

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For example, women with ADHD may be even more affected by depression, and they have higher mortality rates than men with ADHD for their age group – perhaps because, as Babinski and Waschbusch note, they are victims of partner abuse, suicide and self-injury more often than women without ADHD. Various studies suggest that strong relationships with partners and others are particularly important for women, vs.

ADHD has been shown repeatedly to have a significant, negative impact on adults across multiple domains in their lives (3).

And women, as it turns out, generally suffer the same incidence and types of comorbidities as do men (2).

The two most common (and perhaps disturbing) issues revolve around completing tasks and household responsibilities and, second, lack of willingness of the (usually male) non-ADHD partners to get involved with finding solutions to ADHD symptomatic issues.

Men seem less likely to pursue possible avenues of relief on behalf of their partner, while I observe that non-ADHD women married to men with ADHD often make it their to help their man (or other female partner) figure out what is going wrong, and find solutions to help manage the issue.

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