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And I know plenty of other men who feel the same way.Whether it is dancing, asking a girl out, or initiating a conversation at a social gathering, going outside our comfort zones can be very intimidating.Hey, think of it this way: if Bingley had never pursued Jane, would Darcy and Elizabeth have ever seen each other again, let alone ended up together? I have, I am ashamed to admit it, stood back against the wall at weddings or parties, when there were plenty of lovely women just waiting to be asked to dance.It’s scary, uncomfortable, and I feel vulnerable when I do it.You may think that your cautious eye will protect you from contracting an STD or that this issue does not concern you because of your reserved approach to dating, but we invite you to chew on this: The CDC’s (Center for Disease Control) new estimates show that nearly occur each year in the U. So, if 25% of the population has an STD/STI, it would be foolish to deny that this horrific ratio also applies to online encounters. 1 in 4 between the ages of 15-24 will contract a sexually transmitted disease and 1 in 5 aren’t aware that they are carriers.Learn to face your dating fears and let them teach you how to succeed. A slight change in perspective might help you overcome fear and succeed..So overcoming the fear of being awkward is simple you slow your roll. has no qualms about fessing up to fears and insecurities when dating.. When youre engulfed by fear, others can smell it, feel it and almost taste it. In the dating world, the person who isnt a fit for you is not flawed,.

Neither of them was perfect, but they were certainly perfect for each other.

Thankfully he makes up for it and reveals his true feelings. Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship goes through all its ups and downs, and in the end it fits.

They come to love each other, not because they fit some perfect mold and tick off all the boxes on their marriage checklist.

But here is the secret I learned from Darcy: Yes, it is scary, but she is worth it.

It’s okay to be vulnerable, because without vulnerability there is no chance of authentic love.

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