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BHAGAT States THE STORY OF MY MARRIAGE marriages around the world are simple: Boy loves girl.

In India, there are a few more steps: Boy loves Girl.

Yes, another South Indian had conquered the world of academics.

If you don't mind, I prefer that to shrink, " she said. Certificates from top US universities adorned the walls like tiger heads in a hunter's home. "I charge five hundred rupees per hour, " she said. I wondered if she would accept a partial payment and let me leave.

I may be wrong, but I think he had some jewellery on him.' I smacked my forehead. Her waist-length hair rippled as she tapped the steel plate with her fingers like a famished refugee. 'But I can develop a taste for it,' I added in a lame attempt to soothe him. But Ms Best Girl had asked me out, even though for her own stomach. We had to Topaz, a basic, soulless but air-conditioned restaurant half a kilometer from campus. 'What's the point of getting people free only to put restrictions on them? I checked her out from the corner of my eye, wondering what the big fuss about this South Indian girl was. 'We are in Gujarat, there is prohibition here,' I said. ' 'Gandhiji's birthplace,' I said 'But Gandhiji won us freedom,' she said, playing with the little onions. "Do you South Indians even know what emotions are all about? You can stand and talk, but if it is a long story, take the couch. They get in because they can solve mathematical problems faster than 99.99% of India's population and crack the CAT. That is all it takes to make people beautiful- normal body parts - yet why does nature mess is up so many times? They no complain.' 'And that is why you don't improve. The mess worker dropped the ladle in the sambhar vessel and threw up his hands. The entire mess stared at us, wondering what I had done to merit sitting with her. Good- looking ones were rare; girls don't get selected to MM for their looks. They took the food without editorials about it and left. I stole a sideways glance - definitely above average. In fact, outlier by IIMA standards She had perfect features, with eyes, nose, lips and ears the right size and in the right places. ..what student coming to these days,' the mess worker turned to me seeking sympathy. OK buddy, pretty girl goes her way, rasgulla-less loser goes another. She pointed to a table with a little finger where we sat down opposite each other. 'I've had worse.' 'Hard to imagine worse,' she said.

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