Datings shoes by size

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Their sizes aren’t universal and can vary wildly between brands.

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), you should not be able to tie the laces so tightly that the two edges of the shoe meet.

So try a different style or a different brand that makes the same style.

Luckily, with dress shoes, they’re pretty darn similar, so you’ll find an equally great one, I promise.

Each one is different, so it’s great that you know your right foot is 10.236 inches long by 4.789 inches wide, but that really doesn’t matter unless you’re getting custom made shoes.

So what you have to do is try on dress shoes and figure out how to get the best fit in that style/brand. You should know and do these few things before trying on dress shoes. Like I said earlier, since each manufacturer has different fits and sizing for their shoes, it’ll all be trial and error anyways.

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