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Juliet tells Theresa that she cannot eat their dinner because vampires have to watch what they eat.Theresa decides to turn her family around and throw out all junk food.Justin makes a speech at his prom and asks Juliet to study with him afterward. Alex comes to their prom to ask for help because real zombies crashed her prom.Justin and Juliet go over to Alex's prom and they have a dance-off with a bunch of zombies.Juliet and Justin try to get out using magic which doesn't work because plastic is magic's weakness.Juliet transformed into a bat and tried breaking the shield which didn't work.Justin is trying to work up to tell Juliet that he loves her but he does not know how.

The mummy shows up at the museum and sees a group of teenagers walking by, the mummy uses his eyes and puts the kids under a trance turning them into his slaves.Alex stalls by switching Harper and Juliet's clothes and scent.The monster hunters chase after Harper for a while.Their relationship continues off and on throughout the end of seasons two, first half of season three, final half of season four, up until they end up together for life.Juliet is portrayed by American singer and actress Bridgit Mendler.

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