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There are different variables addressed in each learning style inventories.

Some learning styles look at how people “take in” information most effectively through a particular sensory method.

If there a student is having difficulty understanding a concept or principle then acknowledging their preferred style and starting their learning process where they are most comfortable.

This will facilitate and enable a more effective learning experience for them.

More importantly then knowing the learning style of our learners is to know our own learning style.

The method we choose to instruction is often in the same method we learn best.

This theory is concerned with the links between language, context, and identity.

There may be moments where you sometimes skip a phase in the cycle or focus primarily on just one.We have known that people differ in how they learn, think and problem-solve.Learning styles refer to the characteristic way a person processes information and behaves in a learning environment.Some utilize our preference to process and “make sense” of information, while others take aspects of our innate temperament and personality traits that influence how we learn, interact with and interpret our environment.Formal testing of learning styles is available but equally beneficial is simply reflecting, thinking, observing and communicating with our learners about how they process their learning.

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