Dollicia bryan dating kevin durant

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Seemingly one to love ‘em, leave ‘em and toss ‘em aside (Hill Harper, Bow Wow, Rob Kardashian), Doll might actually be the perfect candidate for Drake’s future interludes.We all know that Drake is a serial stripper and/or model lover (we explain here!

We all know Drake loves to name check his girlfriends/jump-offs in song, so expect countless mentions of new flame Dollicia Bryan coming soon.UPDATE: : After having been accused of multiple rapes, hopefully Darren Sharper’s girlfriend Elizabeth Morris is still also a publicist, cause he’s gonna need her.Then again, if she is still his girlfriend, something tells me she won’t be helping him. She used to date New Orleans Saints Super Bowl champ, Darren Sharper.she has a pound of make up on her face with an awful tan.. If thats how she looks in a pic, imagine what her face looks like in the morning **gags***.I love Drake, I think he's an awesome lyricist, but honestly not every chick u smash should be labled as your girl..

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