Excel 2016 data labels not updating

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prompt, and the available tabs and columns are none.Microsoft admitted that is a bug that the tabs in the excel files are treated as "System Tables", and the option for "System Tables" is not selected by default.To define your join: Microsoft Query dialog While I think Aprillion's answer using Microsoft Query is excellent, it inspired me to use Microsoft Access to join the datasheets which I found much easier. Steps: You can use Microsoft Power Query, available for newer versions of Excel (similar to the accepted answer, but much simpler and easier). The easiest way is to have your 2 Excel sheets as Excel tables.Then in Excel, go to the Power Query ribbon tab, and click the 'From Excel' button.In both cases, you match on a unique row and it returns the value of the given column\row to the left\down from the found id.If you only want to add a couple extra fields to the second list, then add the formulas to the second list.

You can use almost any type of join including LEFT OUTER JOIN (only RIGHT OUTER JOIN and FULL OUTER JOIN is not supported).

One is a master list that includes general demographic fields, and the other is a list that only includes name and id, and an address.

This list was pared down from the master list by another office. Additionally, I want the results to include other fields from the master worksheet alongside the address fields from the second worksheet.

I know how I could do this very easily with a database inner join, but I'm less clear on how to do this efficiently in Excel. Bonus points for showing how to do outer joins as well, and I would greatly prefer knowing how to do this without needing a macro. I'm using MS Office Professional Plus 2010 and don't see how to follow step 3 - do I leave the dialog in step 2 hanging?

There is no "choose your new connection" in my Connections dialog.

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