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wet slit Commonly used when for some reason a male wants to use a slightly unpleasant noun for the genitals of a female - hopefully one he knows well, unless he really despises her.

It insists on the wetness of the slit that graces women's bellies, as "mouille" indicates..in "elle mouille" (she's getting wet).

Chauve should be pronounced somewhat like "shove" in English.

the Chinaman - i.e., a penis Is it because the opening at the tip is somewhat more like a slit than an actual hole?

bander is not used with a direct object, but it can certainly be followed by a number of metaphors: bander comme un cerf (hard as a deer), comme un tigre (like a tiger). Prim and proper translates easily into bourgeois, upper middle-class, excessively formal, conservative,and, by and large, stuffy.

A particularly popular African wood with definite (and sometimes dangerous) aphrodisiac properties is know as "bois band". French society hangs on to a large number of formalities that make the appearance of individuals (in terms of the language they use,the clothes they wear, the company they keep, the attitudes they affect)incredibly important.

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Somehow the erect penis, hopefully hard, may have a similarity to a bow - just as in "tirer un coup" it is similar to a loaded gun.Needless to say, Popaul enjoys the circus immensely..like kids watching clowns and tigers erupt in laughter. The image of blood leads automatically to "les Anglais ont dbarqu" (the Redcoats have landed), which proves how much the French loved the English.a prostitute "Fille" is the normal word for "girl" or "daughter" but only if it is used with some kind of descriptive word as in "ma fille" (my daughter) or "une jeune fille" (a young girl). "Je veux lecher ton foutre" = I want to swallow your cum. Other potential phrases include "Ma tante Rose a dbarqu" (Aunt Rosie's arrived), "j'ai mes fleurs" (i've got my flowers - roses, probably), "j'ai mes ours" (i've got my bears), or the flat and very BCBG "je suis indispose", equivalent to "I'm sick" in English and "Ich bin krank" in German.large, fat, drooping boobs The word can be considered somewhat vulgar - except to males drooling on big-chested women who obviously have not chosen the artificial firmness of silicone.In fact, "bloblos" is a vulgarizing variation of a word found commonly in children's language, "lolos", the source of milk, commonly known as "du lolo".

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