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Eastman's action will not aid in stemming the tide of unfavorable court decisions. Later, it was moved to East Martin Street and finally to the just-vacated location at 117-119 South Wilmington Street.

' ' Abandonment of fair trade by one of its most faithful supporters comes at a crucial time when court rulings have rendered ineffective the operation of fair trade in thirteen former fair trade states. King Photo, which has grown rapidly in recent years, and Carolina Surgical Supply Company, both subsidiaries of The W. Complete with tables and chairs, the luncheonette setup makes it unnecessary for the employees to leave the house at "coffee-break-time." The W. King Drug Company, founded in 1899, was first located at the corner of Wilmington and Martin Streets.

ALCqny ^"2 3 1957 Une Carolina JOURNAL of PHARMACY ^J volume ]AN 1957 xxxviii J f X1 -^- ' NUMBER Here... To get and to hold steady customers for GERIPLEX, be sure you have an adequate supply on hand. They also urge you to see your Justice sales representative for complete details on the N. We quote from— "The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics — Second Edition — Page 250" "Small amounts of codeine (2 Mgm) will decrease the frequency of coughing without altering significantly the respiratory minute volume. A typical service consists of two hymns, a prayer, special music by the student nurses and a 15-minute talk. Eudy is also advisor to the Christian Student Union at the hospital.

the peak season for respiratpry infections and for... GERIPLEX Kapseals arc available in bottles of 100 and 500. Coughing should not be unnec- essarily depressed, especially if bronchial secretion is profuse, because drainages will then be insufficient and complications may ensue." In short, we give the retail druggist a Therapeutically effective Cold Tablet with Codeine which can be freely dispensed over the counter without a prescription. Eudy and the student nurses give most of the talks, but in recent weeks Dr. The purpose of this group is to promote religious activities in the school ; to lead every student to affiliate with the church of her choice; to instill in each student the desire to become a Christian nurse; and to encourage each student, when off duty, to engage in activities that will help her grow spiritually, mentally, socially and emotional- ly. But Eudy has made a lot of progress in developing the nurses' spiritual program. Why isn't he content to put in his day's Avork in the pharmacy lab and let it go at that?

," the Attorney General answered: "None of the three would be authorized to administer drugs of any description. Anybody may call himself ' ' doctor ' ' pro- viding he does not claim to be a medical doctor and does not attempt to evade the State medical licensing law. The ten-man committee is composed of five pharmacists and five dentists. Next meeting of the committee will be early in February. Eudy has always had a burning ambition to help other people. Robeson Society Holds Christmas Party The Eobeson Pharmacists Society held its annual Christmas Party & Ladies Night in Lumber ton on December 3. Similarly, a customer who goes into a hardware store for a ^ inch drill doesn 't want a % inch drill. • Pharmacist writes he has found a solution to complaints about high prescription prices, particularly those qualifying for tranquilizers.

' ' The medical licensing law forbids the practice of medicine or surgery without a license but permits certain specifically named groups to practice in related fields : 1. Anahist Company Announces Scholarship Program The Anahist Company, Inc., Yonkers, New York has announced details of an Anahist Pharmacy Scholarship Fund to be sponsored in North Carolina by the Company. At that time, the sub- committees will report on the progress of their work. ' ' When I left the drug store I knew there was something else for me to do, ' ' he said. Following dinner, Gordon Cashwell, Lum- berton Postmaster, spoke to the group. ' ' Tranquilized customers ' ' are not allergic to the cash register, so states our pharmacist.

Chemical solutions for such sterilization fall into 4 general classes: (a) quaternary ammonium cpds., (b) formaldehyde solutions, (c) organic mercurial cpds., or (d) phenolic or cresylic cpds. (1) Benzalkonium Chloride Sterilizing Solution (w/ Special Tint) Benzalkonium CI (as Roccal) 10% Sol. Starling, Vice- President and Buyer Earle Jones and other personnel are readily accessible.

Instrument Sterilising Solution — Although cold (chemical) sterilization of instru- ments is not as certain of destroying microorganisms as is boiling water or steam under pressure, this method finds increasing favor with dentists because it pre- vents rusting and permits instruments to maintain cutting edges longer. Prom the building's lobby, glass enclosed offices of President Homer C.

At the time of the sale, suggest to the purchaser that once a day, preferably at break- fast, one of the capsules, tablets, etc. By so doing, each member of the family will be assured of his or her quota of vitamins for the day. Contact period of at least 1-2 minutes is required. The King employees are proud of their new home and are looking forward to the big party now in the planning stage. 20 The Carolina Journal of Pharmacy He's Quite A fellow All his medicine is not pills: "People who are sick and people who care for the sick need closer relationship with Christ . ." Bv Jim Mc Allister At Cabarrus Memorial Hospital they think Eudy Hardy is quite a fellow. "We just couldn't do without him; he's an inspiration to everybody," said one doctor. He is the modest young pharmacist at the hospital who, in addition to filling prescrip- tions, also helps fill another need at the hospital — the spiritual need.

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1801 and Pediatric ELI LILLY AND COMPANY, INDIANAPOLIS 6, INDIANA, U. A :«iiitlllll keeps working for you and your customer GERIPLEX I N c •* .%r : Jb A prescription for GERIPLEX Kapseals generally produces repeat sales, sometimes year after year. Justice Drug Company Telephone Sales Personnel Hubert Walker, Rx. PS selling program — Personal •^ lus ^ roper ^^ rofessional L, J uccess ales izes elling TRY YOUR DRUG WHOLESALER FIRST JUSTICE DRUG COMPANY Greensboro, N. SUPER ANAHIST® PLUS CODEINE For sale over the counter without a Prescription in Drug Stores only The finest Cold Tablet formula available for sale over the counter SUPER ANAHIST Plus Codeine NEW EXCLUSIVE FORMULA Each tablet contains . Aspirin 3V2 gr.-Phenacetin IV2 gr.-most widely-used drugs for the home relief of pain; more effective, as combined, than if taken separately. He visits each ward and asks the nurses which patients are able to attend the services. ' ' This has been most encouraging, ' ' said Eudy, ' ' and we hope to have more of our doctors speak at the services." Another interesting feature at the hospital is the Tuesday evening vesper service for nurses.

• A box designed to capture the tradition of The South with space for the personal message of the sender. It is our intention to make the distribu- tion of the fund as flexible as possible, so that students can be attracted to Pharmacy, or assisted when they need it, without a lot of restrictions. The Carolina Journal of Pharmacy 21 fear that I will not fulfill the opportunities that confront me.

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