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Many perfume houses have made "signature scent" design their hallmark.The Floris website says this about Bespoke (Signature) Perfumery: "At Floris we have been creating bespoke perfume for a long list of highly esteemed clientele dating back as far as 1730.

Then again, you might want to opt for something truly impressive from the .Not being one to do things by halves, I quickly realized that simply throwing more money into the fray was not enough.The ante had to be raised high enough to make things truly interesting - nothing less would do than an article about the top ten most expensive gifts for women.Now, if we were living in 1630, you would have bought her tulips, then, the most expensive flower in Europe, due to the buyer speculation that created "The Great Tulip Bubble." 2.Candy: My grandmother, a petite, newly graduated R.

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