False carbon dating reads

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ANSWER: That depends by what you mean by "being in a place".Atoms must be described quantum mechanically where we talk about probability of being rather than being.If the bird accelerates upward the box bird will weigh more and if it accelerates down it they will weigh less.If you want to get much deeper into this, see another earlier answer.We know that gravitational lensing is due to light being attracted by matter, as predicted by Einstein theory of special relativity.

Of course, if you are holding the gun we would add your mass to the gun's.As I can presume you would sympathize with the frustration one can feel at 'bad/inaccurate science' being used to move works of fiction along, I ask the following questions in order to avoid said pitfall.In the latest theories regarding controlled nuclear fusion for potential power purposes, is helium-3 a potential reactant, or is it more practical as we currently understand the science to use hydrogen isotopes?ANSWER: In everyday life the pound is often used to represent either the weight (force) or mass of something; similarly, in non-US countries, the kilogram is often used to measure weight (force).In physics, a pound is unambiguously a measure of force and a kilogram is unambiguously a measure of mass.

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