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Update: Did you have trouble downloading Rooms earlier?

You're not the only one, but those problems should be resolved, click here to give it another shot.

See what’s going on at your local school/campus, view a news feed of what’s going on in your town, comment on other posts, connect with others who are nearby through private messaging, tag your friends and more. Create private, secure and confidential rooms while on the go.

These rooms are great places for people to chat in an anonymous manner and can host up to 500 people.

Other than a selfie, your identity on this app will remain anonymous so that you can meet other people in your area and see if things head in a more “adult” direction.

The app is designed for discreet dating and fun, which means you have to be at least 18 years old to use this app.

It’s a safe haven for users who want to have a genuine social experience without being judged, condemned or bullying.

Facebook's Josh Miller (who previously work on Branch before FB bought it) cops to a certain level of historical inspiration -- he says the company's Creative Labs team wanted to meld the "ethos of these early web communities and the capabilities of modern smartphones".

Naturally though, those Rooms don't look like the places we hung out online in 1998 -- they're bright, colorful, near-endlessly customizable.

Facebook's new Rooms app is weird, and it isn't long after installation that you figure out why. Instead, it just lets you create those eponymous Rooms -- they're like those AOL chatrooms of yore, dedicated to any topic (or no topic at all) and augmented with the the ability to moderate posts like a power-tripping VIP on a forum.

Seems a little off-kilter for a chat app, especially one with this pedigree.

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