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Read More Zuena and Bebe Cool celebrating 14 years of marriage...

Inset is the couple holding their marriage certificate at the Registrars office...

The pics reveal that there's certainly more than music going on between these two.

' Awunya Ba Celeb,' ' Omukwano Gwo,' ' Bundu Bundu,' and ' Akagambo' are some of Hendrik's songs.

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Inset is the birthday girl, Barbie all looking composed while Flavia was left in tears following a birthday party by close friends.He told his fans not to worry that in spite of the health setback, he will continue with all the set programs, though some of his fans are of the view that he should take some ample rest...Read More Today is Barbie Kyagulanyi's birthday, she will soon hit 40.He keeps telling me he wants another wedding with me in a proper gown, but we'll see about that.Read More Bebe Cool on his hospital bed pondering what to start with the moment he is discharged..

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