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If I did I wouldn't have done it." Having visited prostitutes for 18 months, Pete says he was attracted while surfing on the internet."I've been leading up to it; using pornography and looking at various websites.

I work very, very long hours." He recognises there is a stigma, but it is one he utterly rejects. I would disagree with the idea that nobody chooses to do it for a living." Patrick views it as a totally mundane transaction between adults. I'm distributing my wealth to people who don't have it." During his trial, Wright explained that he moved from visiting massage parlours to using street prostitutes because they were cheaper."The perception is that everybody is trafficked," says Mark."The figures bandied around for the numbers of trafficked women are absurd." Mark's position is clear.If you want to get rid of prostitution the way is to reform the welfare system." Some names have been changed. Some of the comments about this subject are a horrifyng insight into how some men view women and sex.It would appear that some will go to any length to obtain sex instead of working on a more fulfilling relationship with their partners.

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