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After the combined American and Filipino forces liberated the islands in 1945, Laurel officially dissolved the republic on August 17, 1945.The 1935 Constitution was restored after the Japanese surrender ended World War II, with Vice President Sergio Osmeña becoming President due to Quezon's death on August 1, 1944.

The General Headquarters and Military Camp Base of the Philippine Commonwealth Army was a military station are moved in the province.Andrés Bonifacio could be considered the first President of a united Philippines since he was the third Supreme President (Spanish: Presidente Supremo; Filipino: Kataas-taasang Pangulo) of the Katipunan, a secret revolutionary society.Its Supreme Council, led by the Supreme President, coordinated provincial and district councils.Filipinos refer to their President as Pangulo or Presidente.The President serves a single, fixed, six-year term without possibility of re-election.

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