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I did not need to be told again and got up and walked to the stage to a load of whistling and cheers. For a while I danced around in just my tiny red thong until to a round of get the fucking panties off, I slowly slipped them down my legs and off then throwing them to the crowd. I got down on my hands and knees in front of the men, and crawled to them, letting them reach out and fondle my hanging tits, or grab my ass as I wriggled it in front of them.

I climbed up on to the low platform and as the music played I began to gyrate my body to the beat. Then lying on my back with my legs opened wide to he audience showing the pink insides of my smooth wet shaven pussy as I played with myself, rubbing myself, and inserting two fingers into my wet hole.

Finally I had given in and he said he would have another word with the guys to see which was the best strip joint to go to.

That Wednesday at the club after speaking to them he had been told of a couple and one which they had advised him to give a miss as it was really a dump and the clients that went there were usually real rough types and there was always trouble there.

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All this was finished off with dark eye makeup and ruby red lips.

This was made obvious by the amount of motorbikes, and old cars and vans that were parked in the alleyway and a piece of waste ground alongside.

We went inside, the bouncers on the door eyeing me up and down as we went in. The floor was bare with spilt drinks, fag ends and god knows what else, the tables looked no better and the décor was old and tatty.

Taking hold of a handful of my hair he pulled my head to his groin, forcing his cock into my mouth until his full length was in then using my hair pulling me back and forth on to his ridged cock.

I gagged and coughed a bit until I got accustomed to it then like a pro deep throated him until with a groan he emptied his full load into the back of my throat. Other men were mauling and pinching my tits and nipples making them large and red.

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