Freesexchat how to send messages Sexchat free with out card

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If you want to stay in contact with some of the people you meet in the chat room you may want to think about creating an email address so that your main email address does not receive the possible spam.If anyone tries to solicit you to engage in another sex chat site, or another commercial web site, or try to get you send money or credit card information, send a private message to one of the moderators if they are in the room and let them know.Some links can be extremely harmful for your computer if you click on them.This is the reason for not allowing links besides a few select sites to be posted in the lobby.Often time images contain “exif information” that may give people your exact GPS co-ordinates as well.If you don’t know about this, don’t send pics to anyone until you have complete knowledge about the pics and the hidden exif information they may contain.

You should also have an up to date antivirus and spyware software installed on your computer.

The majority of unauthorized links posted in the lobby will only try to sell you items, ask for your email and credit card information, or scam you in another way.

We suggest that you not click on the links in the lobby unless it is to the sites permitted by the rules.

You can do this by selecting the gear icon at the top of the page and selecting ‘Ignore private messages.’ You can change this setting at any time during your stay.

Be careful of people asking for email, messenger IDs, phone numbers, or any other personal information these people may be getting your information to sell to spammers.

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