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The Fang, for example, inhabit northern Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, southern Cameroon, and the western part of the Republic of Congo.The cultures of the ethnic groups are akin to other groups in Central Africa, and center around the rain forest and its treasures.The use of a common language is extremely helpful in the cities, where Gabonese from all of the different ethnic groups come together to live.Most Gabonese speak at least two languages, as each ethnic group has its own language as well. The Gabonese flag is made of three horizontal stripes: green, yellow, and blue.

Europeans began to arrive at the end of the fifteenth century.

Green symbolizes the forest, yellow the equatorial sun, and blue the water from the sky and sea.

The forest and its animals are greatly valued as well, and are portrayed on the Gabonese currency. Tools from the Old Stone Age indicate early life in Gabon, but little is known of its people.

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