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After many years of seeing payments on the massive debt surpass income on the property, Kushner companies decided that the hope for the investment was to knock it down and replace it with a gleaming new tower.

A deal to have China's Anbang Insurance Group blew up shortly after the election.

(See separate searching instructions for obituaries). Obituary Searching The "Obituaries" tab can be useful IF you are looking within a very narrow date range or for an uncommon name, because there is no reliable way to search for first and last names together. Since especially prominent people are more likely to have articles written about them rather than specific death notices or obituaries, it may be better to use "Advanced Search".

Death notices in the Globe can be searched by doing the following, also using "Advanced Search".

Another potential investor was Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH luxury brand. Kushner had meetings with Sergey Gorkov, head of the Kremlin-controlled VEB bank, that he didn't initially disclose on government forms.

But his representatives said it was in his role as a White House advisor, not as part of his business.

The detailed analysis by Bloomberg only hints at the unproven possibility that Kushner also pursued Russian investors.Coverage: (usually stops at 3 years before the current year) Globe and Mail starts in 1844; Toronto Star starts in 1894 In the Pro Quest search platform, the indexing is different for the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star. Searching by document type is only available with the Globe and the page viewing options are more limited in the Star than the Globe.The Search Results page in the Globe is article specific and gives the title of the article.Only the page number is displayed in the Star search.Obituary/death notices searching, especially for a common name, can be difficult in both databases, despite the search tab labelled "Obituaries".

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