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/I think this tree plus the golden delicious for the pollinator will do just fine. In my retirement life aaia hope tohave some delicous apple pie plus any extras. However, even when the tree is distressed, it still produces just as many apples as ever.

I was impressed with the shirt time it took for it to show some vibrant life. It is just that the tree isn't as attractive to look at.

They grow in leaps and I am looking forward to my first crop from my Granny Smiths. Just as important, read their pruning suggestions on their website, and prune at the earliest possible time.

The GS tree arrived last year (november) in good shape pre-pruned we planted it and now we're waiting for it to break dormancy. I essentially "lost" a year because I did not prune at the first opportunity.

This is our tree's second growing season and it has already doubled in size! It was planted in less than ideal conditions and was attacked by insects.

We would be happy to discuss pollination options and help you find the right tree.

This spring, in it's second year, it sprouted vigorous growth with a number of blossoms. This dwarf Granny Smith cross pollinate with the dwarf Honeycrisp that I also bought. I expect apples during the third, or fourth year after planting them in Spring of 2016. I clipped the deadwood off and it is coming back nicely. I ordered a premium Granny Smith earlier this spring. I expected it to be slower going than the Honeycrisp I ordered, as I planted this tree in a clay-heavy section of the yard, but it is doing wonderfully thus far. A neighbor was being nice, cut around the tree with a zero turn, and damaged the whip.

It's already almost healed fully and grew about 3' this season in what has been a pretty hot summer in NC. Mine are in their second year and are thriving wonderfully. I'll be adding more of their trees to my garden in the future.

6 weeks later the store bought trees looked nearly identicle to when I planted them but the Stark tree had more and healthier looking leaves than either of the other two trees. One store-bought tree remains, the other is nearly dead. To be fair, I have a yellow delicious, purchased from another source, that is behaving the same way.

My other three apple trees, Fireside, Red Delicious, and Red Rome, are doing fine and were planted in the same manner and have received the same care.

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