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The Ok Cupid study also found that first messages with "haha" and "lol" had above-average reply rates, 45 percent and 41 percent, respectively.

Don't message for too long before meeting up in person, researchers say, or you'll risk being disappointed when you do. Keep your messages short, and also make sure that the amount of time you talk online before meeting in person is somewhat brief.

The other person is guaranteed to know you're interested in them.

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(Shutterstock) There's a calculated risk in lying online.As you move past that 17 to 23 day sweet spot and continue talking just online, she says, you might begin to envision someone as friendlier, say, or as having a deeper voice.Filling in those gaps with your imagination can later lead to disappointment, Sumner says.If you're tempted to lie, ask yourself how obvious you think your lie would be if you met someone in person.Someone might notice you lied, but it also might get you more first dates to begin with.

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