History of archaeological dating

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1940 – 1945: Composite cans: foil lined paper board cans capped with metal were used for bisquits and motor oil (Sacharow 1978: 131).

1977: Introduction of PET bottle (polyethylene terathalate) (Kaplan 1982: 113).1917: Half of all bottles produced in the United States are made on Owens machines (Miller and Mc Nichol 2002: 3). Pre-1925: Hand-blown bottles (Jones and Sullivan 1985: 165). 1935: Non-returnable beer bottles introduced (Busch 1987: 77). 1965: Non-returnable bottles or One Way bottles introduced (Kaplan 196).1935: “FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE” mandated for all liquor bottles (Busch 1987: 75). 1970: Plastic soft drink bottles introduced (Kaplan 1982: 106).1939: Aluminum foil being used to wrap dried fruit, cream cheese, and for beer labels (Sacharow 1978: 111).1940-1945: Increased demand for aluminum foil packaging (Sacharow 1978: 112).

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