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In her weekly column, she gives Complex readers insight into what today's young women really think about love, sex, and relationships.

If anybody asked me whether they should get into a long-distance relationship, I’d tell them to call it a wrap and move onto the next one.

But the Wing Girl wants you to understand that, even though you may be in Russia, Spain, or Egypt (three of the Wing Girl's more successful markets), you just have to believe a little more.

"These men don't acknowledge that they are attractive, even though they have attractive qualities," she told me.

The more I listened to the Wing Girl's wisdom (and I have embedded her "Help Me Eyes" You Tube video for you to judge her style), the more I realized that many men might be terribly successful, but see nothing in themselves that a woman might desire.

You’ll either freak out and start acting like a jealous psycho or run out and party with as many random broads as possible, both of which are unfortunate.Not that I encourage it, but if you’re rolling like that, don’t forget to pack protection.You wouldn’t want to bring a nasty souvenir home to the main squeeze.So she gets them onto Skype and examines their manners, their mores, their molars, and their mangled attempts at charm. "Women and men everywhere are equally confused with the opposite sex," the Wing Girl told me, to my great relief.Though she's not a trained psychologist, the Wing Girl has a rather more exalted credential. She continued: "The men I talk to on Skype are not strange, pocket protector nerds who are clueless about women.

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