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Although it is a treatment-related (iatrogenic) hernia, certain lifestyle factors and physical conditions may predispose individuals to develop of this type of hernia.

Incisional hernia results from the weakened condition of the superficial sheet of connective tissue that covers and joins the rectus abdominis muscles (fascial tissue called linea alba) along the surgical incision line.

The appearance of an incisional hernia may or may not coincide with heavy lifting or abdominal straining.

A number of things can create this pressure, including intense coughing, straining due to constipation, pregnancy, obesity, vomiting, or physical activity involving the abdomen.

Diseases such as syphilis, diabetes, tuberculosis, and cancer, may predispose an individual to incisional hernia following surgery.

If strangulation of the intestine has occurred, nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms of bowel obstruction may be reported.

Physical exam: Examination is performed with the patient lying down and standing.

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